First things first, how well do we fit?

A few conversations will tell.

Leonard Joseph
does not come to you.
You go to it.

Whether clients know it or not, clients come to us for marketing therapy, because something is too hard, or not working.


You'll find help in developing your 'Why',

marketing objective and strategy

without the layers of a traditional agency.

We can discuss many examples when we meet.

While Leonard Joseph’s foundation is photography advancing narrative, every client in our history had a marketing objective to address:

product, price, place or promotion.

Here are the results others have experienced.

You'll get a new multimillion dollar intramural facility for your university.

You'll get new patients for your clinic. You'll get clean drinking water for your city.

45 countries will know you work in 45 countries.

The Wall Street Journal will read all about you.

Your billboards will pay for themselves in 15 minutes.

Women will shop "just for the welding."


People will not only read your billboards, people will write about them and talk about them on the news.

Maybe your campaign will generate $300,000 in free publicity as well.

Your new sales rep will speak Japanese.


Dow Jones will look you up.


You'll become mayor.

4,000 people a day will visit your website.


400 people will like your new video before it hits Social Media.

You'll move from operations and sales (hunting and gathering) to planting and harvesting (marketing).

Things will just get easier.

You won't embarrass yourself.

You'll grow market share.


Here are the steps, the process.

Phase I —  Diagnosis

Soak-Up Document — A series of taped-question-and-answer sessions to define your awareness, belief and action needs. Your strategy will be based on:  the Market Situation, Consumer Belief, Target Audience, Marketing Objective, Advertising Objective, Key Benefit, Major Problem Areas, Tone, Take-Away, Strategy, and Budget.

Phase II — Strategy and Budget

Concepts, copy platforms, creative strategies and budgets.


Phase III — Execution

Monitor and Control.


Patricia Prather

Leonard Joseph viewing a painting by his son at Bo Joseph's one-man show,

 Sears Peyton Gallery, New York.