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First things first

How well do we fit?

A few conversations will tell.

It generally works like this.

If you're serious, have some feistiness,

are above average and under appreciated,

we're off to a good start. Turning things

around is a great feeling.

Some clients say we are difficult. It is

difficult. Then, they come back, sometimes

for years and years. The work is also

rewarding, especially when together we

clobber the competition.

Content Is King

A bit of free advice — The first thing

media affords you is the opportunity

to demonstrate you have  nothing of

interest, or of value to say. Ouch!


Don't worry. Everything starts with  a

marketing based concept.

Waking up your audience, with a distinct

point of view ( your voice/brand ) and engaging

visual narrative is what we will do.

Doing the work artfully has served clients

well, even in the age of digital media. 


Much of digital media is simply managing

what has always been called, "traffic".

Mpntanna. Advertising photography seen in over 40 countries — Now based in Baton Rouge, LA
Gazelle bike. Advertising photography seen in over 40 countries — Now based in Baton Rouge, LA
Leonard Joseph
does not come to you.
You go to it.

Essentially clients come to us for marketing therapy. Something is too hard, or not working.

While our foundation is photography advancing narrative, every client has a marketing objective

to address:  product, price, place or promotion.

Here are the results of others

A new multimillion dollar intramural facility

for your university

New patients for your clinic


Clean drinking water for your city

45 countries know you work in 45 countries

The largest reader response to a single

ad in Peterson Publications history.

Gaining from #12 to #3 in market share

in five years

The Wall Street Journal is reading all about you

Your billboards paying for themselves

in 15 minutes

Women shopping "just for the welding"


People not only reading your billboards, people writing about them and talking

about them on the news

Maybe your campaign will generate

$300,000 in free publicity as well

Your new sales rep speaking Japanese,

Portuguese, Spanish or Russian.


Dow Jones looking you up


You're elected Mayor by the largest

margin since WWII.

4,000 people a day visit your website


400 people liking your new video before

it hits Social Media

Moving from an operations and sales organization  (hunting and gathering)

to planting and harvesting (marketing)

Things getting easier

No more embarrassing yourself

Growing market share

Becoming noticed, believed and remembered

Leonard Joseph. Advertising photography seen in over 40 countries — Now based in Baton Rouge, LA

Patricia Prather

Leonard Joseph viewing a painting by his son at Bo Joseph's one-man show,

 Sears Peyton Gallery, New York.

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