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1996 Audi Cabriolet for sale

Become only the third owner in 28 years

Frnt top down ope nIMG_7997.png
Head on front IMG_1172.png

A Beautiful,

Great Riding Car, Even To This Day

Asking $3,000.00 OBO  As Is

Contact Us  (


Phone 504-957-7480

Baton Rouge, LA, USA

28 Years later and still getting compliments


Mileage:  77,691

Tires:  Michelin Cross Climate

Updated Radio, with USB

Rear drive way slickIMG_1175.png

Full Disclosure ( to the best of our knowledge )

Ding In Front Bumper

These Audis are notorious for the

bumpers cracking and sagging over the years. We reinforced this bumper so that would not be a problem. But there still is this repair that needs to be made.

Seats and Upholstery

There are some tears in the seats, and these seats are difficult to adjust after all these years.

Convertible Top

The top does not work automatically. We do have a new

untested pump for the top. There is a tear, as pictured.

Passenger Power Window

The automatic, passenger window

does not work. It is a combination of electrical and mechanical. The window is locked in an upright position right now.

Nonworking Gas Gauge

The sensor/sender is not functioning. I have always just refilled at every 150 - 200 miles.

Some Electrical Quirks

Courtesy lights, may have fuse issues. 

Tear front seat.png
PSwindow door.png
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